1947 Singer Sewing Machine Model 31-15


The Singer 31-15 was one of the most popular (and plentiful) machines that Singer made. It was designed to sew a lock stitch in “clothing, cloaks, suits, skirts, shirts, etc.” at a maximum speed of 2200 stitches per minute. (Quote from the 1916 Singer 31-15 User Manual) It is more commonly referred to either as a tailor's machine or a leather machine.  They were manufactured from the early 1870s to the middle 1960s.  This machine (Serial# AH030939) was built on April 4, 1947.

Singer (and others) offered a wide range of feeds for the 31-15 (the feed includes presser foot, needle plate, and feed dog) to cover a host of different tasks that could be done with the same machine, mainly in the clothing industry. Many of those parts are still available today. Needles of the type 16x87 are widely available these days, and some have said that other needles work including 16x2, 16x231, 16x257, or DBx1.

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